IKEA’s Collaborations with Adidas

IKEA's Collaborations with Adidas

The concept of mixing sport and wellness and introducing it as a natural part of our life is creatively explored by Ikea in 2018. Teaming up with Adidas, Ikea is offering us a more healthy lifestyle at home. According to the designer Marcus Engman, this partnership was something IKEA has wanted to pursue for some time due to the brands’ shared value of “open source innovation.”

What can we expect of this exciting collaboration? A range of small space training gear will be produced for those who thrive for a healthy and active lifestyle and love to get creative with their home workouts – yoga mats/rugs and multipurpose bungee cord resistance bands. Various products that are meant to bring physical wellness into everyday life will be available for all the women who live busy lives.

Here is a released footage from Ikea’s 2018 DDD event where Engman and Josefine Aberg, Adidas’ VP of design share what can be expected from the partnership.

Truly waiting for it, Ikea!