5 Best Fashion Blogs to Follow

5 Best Fashion Blogs to Follow

They became part of our life and every time we need fresh inspiration or a piece of advice or simply have a brain break – a way to escape from the particular banalities of the day, blogs are there to give us fabulous ideas.

1. Alexa Chung

Everybody has heard of her. She has brought magic into our wardrobes for over a decade and many of us find ourselves hunting out the pieces she’s wearing or simply copying her outfit ideas. In case you haven’t read her books so far – It and it: Über Style, go read them!



2. Bryanboy

The talented Filipino fashion blogger is setting trends on the streets. Many popular brands believe in him and he is flown all around the world to collaborate with major fashion houses. He only endorses the products he believes in or the brands that he genuinely loves. We value his authenticity and staying true to himself.



3. Gala González

She is a gorgeous Spanish woman, NYC based Fashion influencer, DJ, and designer. She’s putting a lot of passion into her work and gives it her best effort so we can get the most inspiring and accurate information. We like how she documents regularly about everything she recommends. She always succeeds in making her Instagram followers and blog readers coming back for more.



4. The Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni is one of the most stylish bloggers and she made it to the top through hard work, determination and lot of taste. She is also the creative director of a successful clothing line, a magazine cover star, and she has been invited to countless designers collaborations. She has such a fresh energy and she’s always making people smile. Ever since she got birth to her adorable son she’s even more breathtaking.



5. Man Repeller

Thumbs up for Leandra Medine! Her positive energy is contagious. What we love the most at her is that fine blend of her agility and intelligence with her great appetite for one of a kind things. She is so authentic and her work has won our hearts.